Customer Database:

Know Your Customer Audience Types

For Accurate Amazon Marketing, Know Your Customers

When it comes to doing Amazon marketing, one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle, if not the most important, is full awareness of your customer info.

If you use Amazon to fulfill your orders then knowing your customers–being able to find any and all information on them rapidly–becomes paramount for any understanding of not only what they might want to buy in future purchases, but for customer service and many other aspects of your business, all the way up to and including your marketing efforts.

Repeat Buyers

Increase Your  Repeat Buyers

Your job as an Amazon seller doesn’t end right after you make a sale. You have to keep up with existing customers to ensure they remain satisfied and become repeat customers.



客户是您 亚马逊FBA业务


  • 立即为客户匹配订单。
  • 使用极其简单直观的界面搜索和查找所有客户信息。
  • 请参阅客户订单历史记录。
  • 保留客户笔记。
  • 找到最有价值的客户;了解终身价值和你的回头客;看看他们购买每种产品的次数和花费。
  • 根据购买的产品、购买日期、销售地区等生成客户列表。




概览 查看您的客户



了解您的客户在哪里 来自


Easily Geo-Analyze where your customers are coming from, so you get better Cost Per Acquisition of new customers!

Increase Your Marketing Automatically

With our synchronization features, you can have your customer audience automatically connected up to a Facebook Custom Audience, and have it automatically updated every day, as you continue to get new customers.

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Easily Find Customer Data With Our Customer Database

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